Dear Triune God

Derrick McQueen
2 min readMay 3, 2023
Image Courtesy of Longview Baptist Church

From the moment I felt your presence, I started learning about your love for me.

I knew one thing was real, you are love. Bigger, better than anything I’ve ever known.

As our relationship grew, I gave you my all even in those dark places — mind, body, spirit, and soul.

As a baby Christian, I never saw the big picture, I only knew I was saved, saved from the darkness.

I learned your word, I prayed day after day. I surrendered all. Gave my all for you, and figured out your purpose for my life for you.

You asked for my faith/belief, you asked me to drop everything and follow. I gave you my life. Because it came with so much more. I live through the hurts and let downs-falling short of the mark. I set my intention on being the best human I can be not for fortune and fame or worldly things not because the world called me but because you called me.

God Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I do everything for you because that's what you do when someone gives everything to save a nobody like me. You gave a grown man a new life, and eternal life plus faith, hope, and love and I will always love you for it but I can’t do it alone. My heart can handle the hurt, and my mind can see through the clouds but my body was not made to be here forever.

And that’s okay.

I will never let you go. I want you to know now that I am grateful for you giving all that I have.

We both know that you have my life in your hands and I am assured that I will always be where you are Jesus, because you have gone to make a place for me. Death could not conquer you and because of that through faith, neither will it me.

I don’t understand all but you do.

Love You Always


[Inspired by Kobe Bryant — Dear Basketball]



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