Derrick McQueen
2 min readJul 6, 2022

You think you know; you have no idea

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To be in the spirit of submission, humility is the key. I often go throughout my day feeling like I’m making everything happen. Not true. I sometimes feel like I’m in control. I’m not. We’re not. When I stop to reflect on what I know, I realize I don’t know jack.

Spiritual Growth

The more I read and grow spiritually, the more I understand that there is much more to experience and learn. The only way to enter this space of openness is through the door of humility. I feel good about what I know, but that’s a comfort zone trap. I must journey past that.

The internet to an ant

I once read somewhere that understanding God and how high his ways are is like an ant understanding the internet. The Lord's ways are much higher than ours, and the amount of what we don’t know compared with what he does would be sublime. There is so much room to expand in us and grow if we open up to the reality that we don’t know much. We think we know everything. We don’t. It’s like we are a pond and the Atlantic Ocean is our potential.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” Socrates

Not all information is good information

I’m not saying that every piece of news, TV, articles, and life is good for us, but we must admit that we don’t know jack. We think we do, but we have no idea. We don’t know what will happen at this next moment, this day, or the next day. We sure can plan, have faith, and hope.



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